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Information for Promoters

Waiting for Spring is available for touring within the UK

The show is intended to be versatile in order to fit into different spaces, as such, the set elements can be rearranged to accommodate different stages. Please contact us directly to discuss any issues.

Running Time
60 mins no interval
Written and Directed by Sarah Wilkinson, 

Jack - Alex Noblett

Annie - Steph Reynolds

Emma - Leni Murphy

Andy - Marcus Christopherson
Touring Company
4x Performer 1x Stage Manager
Set Elements
1x sofa 1x Table 2x Chairs 1x TV- provided by company
Venue to provide lighting equipment to achieve: 3x states: General wash
state 1 (pink), General Wash state 2 (blue), profile spot 1, stage level flood
Stage speaker with standard input
For all enquiries please contact

Tel: 07743089440

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